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What is Intelauto?

The Personal is proud to present Intelauto, a new usage-based insurance program designed to help you save even more on your auto insurance premium because it’s based on three driving habits.

With Intelauto you could enjoy savings of up to 25% on your auto insurance premium at renewal. These discounts are on top of
The Personal’s exclusive group rates.

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How does it work ?


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It's easy to get started!


  • Sign up for Intelauto. To enroll in the insurance program, simply get a quote online or call one of our insurance agents. You could save up to 25% on your auto policy renewal.
  • Receive your device. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive your free device from the Intelauto insurance program in the mail, complete with instructions on how to install it.
  • Install your device. It’s easy—simply locate your vehicle’s
    OBD port. For help finding it, use our OBD port locator.
    Then, connect the device and start saving!

Installation video - 2013.06.11

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Tim Elmy, Toronto, ON

Award-winning freelance writer.

Latest blog from ...

Someone who's tried Intelauto

At the risk of sounding like Dustin Hoffman’s Rain Man character, I’m an excellent driver.

I really am.

When I was a teenager, my Dad had a little red MG and on Sunday afternoons he would school me in the finer points of driving in the empty Loblaws parking lot near our house. One instruction that I’ve never forgotten is, “assume every other driver is drunk.”

My Dad taught me to drive carefully, defensively, stay under the speed limit and never presume what another driver is about to do. In the more than three decades since my Loblaws lessons, I have been involved in just one accident, which ironically was caused by a drunken guy who ran a stop sign.

So when I look at my car insurance bill, I resent the amount I was asked to pay, especially since, as a freelance writer working primarily from a home office, I hardly use my car. Most days it sits idle in the driveway.

News that The Personal Insurance Company has launched a new car insurance program that promised to base my rate more on my individual driving habits and schedule, I signed up. The program is called IntelAuto. They send you a small device to plug into the OBD (on-board diagnostics) port in your car. The device monitors and transmits the distances I drive, the times of day I drive, and whether or not I make a lot of hard stops or quick accelerations (which I don’t). From that information, they calculate a discount of up to 25% that is applied when your policy renews.

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Transportation policy experts believe such an initiative could help reduce congestion, and accident rates. - Read the full article

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Your savings are calculated automatically based on:

Your online dashboard

A few days after you plug in Intelauto into your car, your personal online dashboard will display data about your driving.

Your history will be updated daily and your projected savings will be updated every month. You can monitor your driving habits and track your estimated annual savings by viewing your personalized online dashboard. Simply log on to your Online Client Services account on The Personal website.

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Question 1 of 3

Do you drive less than 15,000 km/year?

Question 2 of 3

Do you avoid accelerating fast and braking hard in your vehicle?

Question 3 of 3

Do you do the majority of your driving between:

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Limit the distance you drive, avoid sudden accelerating and braking, and limit your travel during higher-risk periods – you’ll not only make the roads safer for everyone, you’ll also enjoy more savings!

for kilometres driven annually

Up to 10% discount for drivers who drive less than 15,000 km per year

for acceleration and braking

Up to 10% discount if you avoid quick acceleration and sudden hard braking

for driving schedule

Up to 5% discount if you drive during low-risk periods

This is in addition to other savings The Personal can already offer you!
Visit the The Personal website to learn more about our auto, property and RV insurance offer.

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Now you’re ready to save money.

When it comes to saving on auto insurance, let your good driving habits pave the way! Intelauto is a usage based insurance program. It's easy, smart and free!


Get started!

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Questions and Answers

Who can enroll in the Intelauto program?

To be eligible, you must:

  1. Be insured with The Personal
  2. Own a vehicle from 1998 or later *
  3. Have full insurance coverage for this vehicle (civil liability, collision and upset and All perils other than collision or upset) (Quebec only)
  4. Have an email address (Quebec only)

Get an auto insurance quote today to find out if you’re eligible!


* Certain vehicles may not be eligible due to incompatibility in terms of installing the device in the diagnostic port.

Will it cost me anything to sign up for the Intelauto program?

How do I check my data?

Does The Personal share my data?

Can my insurance premium go up as a result of the Intelauto program?



Read what Intelauto users have to say. If you’re an Intelauto user, why not share your own experience with us?

Client testimonial - 1

Just got my Intelauto device last week. If you can plug in a toaster, you can install this thing. The data-port on my car was easy to find (a flash-light helped) just under the steering column. I plugged it in and stuck it under the dash with the included velcro tape in about 2 minutes. Figuring out where to sign-up for the dashboard was less obvious! The device makes no noise, but there's a small red light to let you know it's on and my car runs normally...Read more.

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The pilot program was very timely in the sense that my son had just got his G2 licence and started driving, so he was extra cautious and was eager to review the dashboard and improve his driving habits.

Dominic, Mississauga, ON
Employee Tester - Minivan


Testimonial 2 - en

Monitoring your driving habits is actually very interesting. It made me aware of how often hard braking and fast acceleration took place. Now that I know, I am more conscious of it and will try to improve my driving habits moving forward.

Mandy, Milton, ON
Employee Tester - VW Jetta

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Certain conditions apply.

Note: The device collects driving data while your vehicle is being operated by you and all other drivers of your car. Therefore, the personal dashboard/driving profile displays the aggregated driving data of all drivers of the vehicle enrolled in the program.

Intelauto is underwritten by The Personal General Insurance Inc. in Quebec and by The Personal Insurance Company in Ontario.

TM Intelauto is a trademark of The Personal Insurance Company, used with permission by The Personal General Insurance Inc.

The Personal refers to The Personal General Insurance Inc. in Quebec and The Personal Insurance Company in Ontario.

Intelauto is offered in Ontario and Quebec only.

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